Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban (Structure and Written Expression- Model Test 2) Jenis soal test TOEFL di bawah ini merupakan soal tes TOEFL ITP . A single copy of this Handbook is distributed free to all students registered for a TOEFL ITP test. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in. practice TESt. tOEFL you take the actual TOEFL test, you will not be allowed to take notes soal + pembahasan secara lengkap.

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SOAL TES TOEFL DAN PEMBAHASAN JAWABAN - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SOAL TES TOEFL DAN. Download Soal TOEFL Listening, Structure, Reading Lengkap dan Pembahasannya. download soal toefl dan pembahasannya pdf, download soal toefl pdf. Unduh sebagai DOCX, PDF, TXT atau baca online dari Scribd . Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban (Structure and Written Expression-Model Test 2.).

Jumlah soal sebanyak 40 buah. Apa yang diujikan?

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Banyak aturan dapat berterima dalam percakapan spoken tapi tidak dalam penulisan written. Anda harus menggunakan cara yang paling ekonomis hemat waktu dan matang dengan baik dan strategi yang terbaik dalam menjawab semua soal dalam sesi ini. Skill apa yang harus Anda persiapkan? Anda harus betul-betul mengetahui aturan grammar yang benar dengan baik agar Anda dapat dengan cepat mengetahui jawaban mana yang tidak sesuai dengangrammar yang formal.

Pendekatan apa yang harus Anda gunakan untuk menjawab soal Part A - Structure? Boleh saja diantara beberapa jawaban bisa melengkapi kalimat tapi hanya ada satu yang paling benar. Untuk pertanyaan Part A, Anda harus: Membaca semua kalimat, dan mencoba memasukkan pilihan jawaban yang tersedia. Misal masukkan terlebih dahulu pilihan jawaban A. Jika jawaban A tidak benar, cobalah untuk memikirkan kenapa tidak benar.

Jika masih saja tidak yakin, cobalah untuk mengingat rumus dari kalimat tersebut. Jika Anda tidak bisa mendapatkan jawaban yang paling benar, eliminasilah terlebih dahulu jawaban-jawaban yang jelas salah dan cobalah untuk menebak. By pusattoefl. Hal yang pertama Anda lakukan yaitu mencoba memasukkan jawaban A pada soal. Anda dapat mengetahui bahwa jawaban A salah karena kalimat soal membutuhkan kata kerja sementara jawaban A tidak memiliki kata kerja. Jika Anda yakin bahwa kata kerja advanced pada jawaban B sudah sesuai untuk mengisi kalimat di atas maka Anda tidak perlu lagi ke pilihan C dan D.

Tapi jika anda kurang yakin Anda boleh lanjut ke pilhan C. Anda melihat bahwa jawaban C berlebih-lebihan karena terdapat dua kata yang mepunyai makna sama. Advance telah bermakna move forward maju. Sementara jawaban D kata rapidly adverb sebelum manner noun harusnya rapid adjective untuk membentuk suatu phrase gabungan kata yang benar.

Untuk pertanyaan Part B, Anda harus: Membaca seluruh kalimat soal. Jika Anda tidak menemukan jawaban yang salah dengan cepat. Maka ingatlah rumus-rumus yang Anda telah pelajari dan pastikanlah pilihan-pilihan jawaban yang benar.

Contoh Soal I: In the united states, there are much holidays throughout the year. A B C D Analisa jawaban: Ketika Anda membaca kalimat secara keseluruhan Anda dapat mengetahui dengan cepat bahwa much tidak sesuai dengan kata holidays. Much menandakan uncountable noun benda tak bisa dihitung sementara holidays dengan jelas merupakan kata benda yang bisa dihitung countable noun.

Contoh Soal II: Tapi jika Anda membaca By pusattoefl.

Olehnya jawaban yang Anda pilih yaitu jawaban B. Grows seharusnya grow. Jane leaves San Francisco. D Whenever there's a holiday. D She's thankful she has a rag. B The chance to make the headlines. A The headings for today's reading assignment.

Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression (Longman-Pretest) Dan Pembahasan Jawaban

C She's shopping for a carpet. B She thinks that the traffic should stay outside. A She shouldn't leave her purse here. C The man should hurry to catch the bus. B He never tasted the cake. B She'll definitely fail. A The cake is extremely good.

D She left without taking her purse A The bus trip is only five minutes long.

Carl was running from place to place. B She's probably in the apartment. C Tom borrowed money for the rent. C It's always possible. B The man missed the bus by five minutes. C The landlord will not fail to collect your rent on the first of next month. D She shouldn't say anything about the class. D The bus was five minutes late. C He wished he hadn't tasted the cake.

A She gave Tom money to pay the rent. D It is important to call the landlord about rent on the first of the month. D The cake has never been very good. She ran to Carl because she cared. D She was given money for the rent. B The tenants absolutely must pay rent at the beginning of the month.

A The landlord failed to collect rent on the first of last month. C Her purse must not be in the apartment. D She had some money to lend. She unexpectedly met one of her relatives. At the corner she ran into another car. C He wasn't in time to catch the plane. D He didn't really want a new car 27 A Mr.

D Martha should slow down. D He arrived too late to catch the plane. B It's easy to hold two jobs. B She wasn't furious. B He didn't get a new car. D He is retiring too soon. A The plane took off just after he arrived. A Martha s jobs are easy. Drew was committed to the president's appointments. Drew's head. A He is eager to leave his job.

C It is not necessary for them to park. C Fixing the car herself D Getting the car repaired C He couldn't be unhappier about retiring. D She was extremely angry. B He is unhappy at the thought of retiring.

C She felt there should have been more fairness. B He arrived just after the plane took off. D He thinks they don't have to pay. A He got the car he really wanted. Drew became head of the new commission. B Parking is not free on the weekend. C It's better for Martha to have two jobs. Drew pointedly asked the president about the committee. B The president pointed to Mr. A He agrees with the woman's suggestion. C The car that he got was not his first choice. D See a play. A Attend a football game alone.

B A trip by an astronaut to the Moon. Part B Directions: In this part of the test. B The plates did not need to be washed. D The dishes would not be done. A A play.

D Maybe next weekend. He didn't know that grapes were cheaper than cherries.

Contoh Soal Pembahasan Reading Comprehension Tes TOEFL

C It's a very important game. C The overabundance of garbage on Earth. A Trash orbiting Earth. A It's the final game of the season. A Saturday night. B Go to a sporting event. D It's close to the cafeteria. B A game. C Eat in the cafeteria and study. He bought grapes because they were cheaper than cherries. A The man would do the dishes. B After dinner in the cafeteria. C The man would not be ready to go. He didn't download either grapes or cherries because of the price.

He knew that grapes were cheaper than cherries. B It's better than the drama department's play. C A study group meeting. D Dinner in the cafeteria. C Sunday afternoon.

C In a book. After each talk. Here is an example. C Scientists will find solutions to the problem. Kategori kedua gletser termasuk orang-orang dari berbagai bentuk dan ukuran yang umumnya disebut gunung atau alpine gletser. Salah satu bentuk gunung gletser yang menyerupai topi es yang mengalir ke luar dalam beberapa arah disebut medan es. Perbedaan antara medan es dan topi es halus.

Pada dasarnya, arus medan es agak dikendalikan oleh daerah sekitarnya dan dengan demikian tidak memiliki bentuk seperti topi. Ada beberapa bidang es di Wrangell. Kurang spektakuler daripada besar es bidang yang paling umum jenis gunung gletser: cirque dan lembah gletser. Cirque gletser ditemukan dalam depresi di permukaan tanah dan memiliki bentuk melingkar yang khas.

Es lembah gletser, terikat oleh daerah, mengalir ke lembah, kurva yang disudut-sudut mereka dan jatuh diatas tebing. What does the passage mainly discuss?

It can be inferred that ice sheets are so named for which of the following reasons? Pembahasan : Frasa whole continents pada kalimat those massive blankets that cover whole continents appropriately called ice sheet menunjukkan bahwa daratan yang tertutup gletser mencakup wilayah yang sangat luas, hampir keseluruhan daratan.

According to the passage, where was the Cordilleran Ice Sheet thickest? Which of the following types of glaciers does the author use to illustrate the two basic types of glaciers mentioned in line 1? Homo habilis and its successor, Homo erectus, coexisted with Australopithecus robustus on the plains of South Africa for more than a million years.

The earliest fossil-containing layers of sedimentary rock in the cave date from about 1.

The most important feature of the Australopithecus robustus hand was the pollical distal thumb tip, the last bone in the thumb. That muscle gave Australopithecus robustutJ an opposable thumb, a feature that would allow them to grip objects, including tools.

The researchers also found primitive bone and stone implements, especially digging tools, in the same layers of sediments. They walked upright, which would have allowed them to carry and use tools. The discovery that Australopithecus robustus also used tools means that researchers will have to seek other explanations for their extinction. Perhaps their reliance on naturally occurring plants led to their downfall as the climate became drier and cooler, or perhaps Homo habilis, with their bigger brains, were simply able tomake more sophisticated tools.

Terjemahan Alat dan tulang tangan yang digali dari kompleks gua Swartkrans di Afrika Selatan telah menjadi informasi bahwa kerabat dekat awal manusia yang dikenal sebagai Australopithecus robustus telah dibuat dan alat primitif telah digunakan jauh sebelum spesies punah 1 juta tahun lalu.

Homo habilis dan penerusnya, Homo erectus berdampingan dengan Australopithecus robustus di dataran Afrika Selatan selama lebih dari satu juta tahun.


Gua Swartkrans di Afrika Selatan telah di bawah penggalian sejak tahun an. Fosil pertama yang mengandung lapisan batuan sedimen di gua berasal dari sekitar 1,9 juta tahun yang lalu dan berisi bangkai binatang, alat-alat primitif, dan dua atau lebih spesies hominid yang seprti kera.

Penemuan baru-baru ini menemukan tulang dari tangan Australopithecus robustus, pertama kalinya seperti tulang telah ditemukan sebelumnya. Fitur yang paling penting dari tangan Australopithecus robustus adalah ujung jari distal pollical, tulang di jempol.

Para peneliti juga menemukan tulang primitif dan alat-alat batu, terutama menggali alat-alat, pada lapisan sedimen yang sama. Mereka memiliki wajah yang lebar, jaws berat, dan dapat penghancur besar dan penggilingan gigi yang digunakan untuk makan buah-buahan yang keras, benih, dan bagian berserat bawah tanah tanaman.

Mereka berjalan tegak, yang akan memungkinkan mereka untuk membawa dan menggunakan alat-alat. Kebanyakan ahli sebelumnya telah percaya bahwa Homo habilis mampu menggantikan Australopithecus robustus karena lebih dahulu mampu untuk menggunakan alat-alat memberi mereka keunggulan bawaan. Penemuan bahwa Australopithecus robustus juga menggunakan alat berarti bahwa para peneliti harus mencari penjelasan lain untuk kepunahan mereka. Mungkin mereka ketergantungan pada tanaman alami yang menyebabkan kejatuhan mereka sebagai iklim menjadi pengering dan pendingin, atau mungkin Homo habilis, dengan otak mereka yang lebih besar, yang hanya dapat membuat alat-alat yang lebih canggih.

Berarti yang bukan adalah nenek moyang Australophitecus robustus.

Which of the following does the author mention as the most important recent discovery made in the Swartkrans cave? What does the author suggest is unclear about Australopithecus robustus? Where in the passage does the author mention the materials from which tools were made? These hunters had tracked down one after another of the microbes responsible for the most dreaded scourges of many centuries: tuberculosis, cholera, diphtheria.

Soal Tes TOEFL dan Pembahasan Jawaban.docx

But there, remained some terrible diseases for which no microbe could be incriminated: scurvy, pellagra, rickets, beriberi. Then it was discovered that these diseases were caused by the lack of vitamins, a trace substance in the diet.

The diseases could be prevented or cured by consuming foods that contained the vitamins. They discovered that key enzymes in metabolism depend on one or another of the vitamins as coenzymes to perform the chemistry that provides cells with energy for growth and function.Untuk sesi terakhir, listening part C terdiri dari 3 talk semacam perkuliahan dengan speaker monolog.

D It wasn't that hard. C It's been weeks since he's had anything to eat. D The daily newspaper. Drew was committed to the president's appointments.

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